Mission Statement

Palmetto Sudz is a family run laundry detergent business for the family that is always looking for creative ways to save money. We are a busy family of four, my husband has worked in industrial sales for over 20 years, I am a stay at home mom who worked in the dental field for over 25 years, and we have two kids both in college and high school who are equally active in school, church, and their local community.

We have used our detergent for over 10 years now and have saved ourselves a lot of money in the process, so we have decided to share this amazing cost saving product with others in our community. Our product is comparable to the top leading brands and better than the generic versions of all of these popular products. Our exceptionally high quality product is compatible with high efficiency machines and it’s at an affordable price.

Our products are heavy duty and high enough quality that will be able to handle twice the number of loads of laundry, for less money than the leading brands. Our product capitalizes on the convenience and the cost saving need for busy families all across the state. We are sure you will love our product as much as my family does. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase we will offer a 100% money back guarantee. We look forward to working with you as a new or returning customer and helping us serve you and our community.

Palmetto Clean And Clear

Palmetto Free and Clear is a highly efficiency detergent that is comparable to the leading brand of Original Gain and Tide. This product can be used in any type of machine. This product is a pure detergent that effectively cleans your clothes and rids them of stains.

Don't Just Take it From Us!


My family and I have been using Palmetto Sudz for several years.   If that’s not enough to love, the convenience of a large size container is also a huge plus  I simply place the container of Palmetto Sudz on top of my washing machine with its convenient pump, and put three pumps into my machine and I am ready to wash!  My clothes come out smelling fresh and clean every time!

Helen Huskins

York, SC

As a family of five who is ALWAYS washing clothes, we love not having to run out to the grocery store every week for detergent. .  We also love that we're able to shop locally, supporting a family-owned small business who has a heart for generously giving back to the community. This company and its products have completely exceeded our expectations, and we are definitely customers for life!

Megan Paat

Rock Hill.SC

My family and I have just finished our first container of Palmetto Sudz, and all I can say is WOW. I loved everything about it, the fresh-clean scent, the ease of use, the cost, and most of all supporting a local family owned business. I highly recommend! 

Harriett & Chip Hartzog

Rock Hill.SC

York, SC

Rock Hill, SC

Rock Hill, SC